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This place is a portfolio of high school developer, and it's a growth record.
We are looking at ambitious goals to help build a better Internet.
Although it is still a small place, I will fill in more articles with my knowledge.

How long have you provided the service so far?

Service Period:

Total API Request: 1.555 billion (As of Jan 2020)
Monthly API requests: average 0.26 billion (As of Jan 2020)

KeonWoo PARK

I am a student and developer who is currently living in Seoul.
현재 Node JS, Python을 주로 공부 및 사용하고 있으며 서버, AI, 네트워킹과 같은 여러 분야를 다루고 있습니다.

Studying and in use
Studying and in use
Node JS
Studying and in use

Studying and in use
Contact Me
Discord: KeonWoo PARK#0001
Telegram: @KeonWooPARK
Email: [email protected]